The Agyei - Danso Family

About The Agyei - Danso Family

From: Akropong, Ghana.

  1. George – Team Captain – Public Relations Officer.
  2. Kingsley – Accountant at Ga North Municipal Hospital. Loves music and is also an artiste manager.
  3. Akosua – Just completed high school and she sat for SAT Exam.
  4. Prince – Entrepreneur, makes various products and accessories with beads.

Best Moment on the show

They did a war cry.


Fun language moments: Steve told them that he can speak ga, twi and patois mixed together, George dared him to say something. Steve said a sentence and all 4 of them were clapping, they were impressed with him. Steve was so proud of himself, he even spoke a little bit of Swahili.


The question was: “Name something that comes out at night” Kingsley said: “the darkness” Steve laughed at him because he didn’t think it was going to be on the board. The family celebrated because it was up on the board.

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