Bruce - Arthur Family

About Bruce - Arthur Family

From: Greater Accra, Ghana.


  1. Dieter – Team Captain – Accountant. Loves watching football and movies.
  2. Karen – Entrepreneur. Loves cooking and making beading.
  3. Audrey – Insurance and Law. Loves Acting. “I have great love for the creative industry, hence a crazy character.”
  4. Evan -Accounts and Systems Expert. Loves travelling and watching football.

Best Moment on the show

They did a song – one line of the song: “All we do is win, win, win no matter what.” Steve loved it and asked to audience to join in on it.

Steve had fun with Audrey, who was carrying an Ankara print fan which went with her outfit. 


Steve took her fan and played with it, she even taught him how to do a Ghana dance while carrying the fan. Steve loved the fan he said it was “sleek”. Audrey then asked Steve if he wanted to keep it and Steve said no, it doesn’t go with his outfit.

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