Caramel Family

About Caramel Family

From: Greater Accra, Ghana.


  1. Irene – Team Captain –  Administrative Consultant. Former security consultant for a former president. Loves smiling and talking.

  2. Efua – Pharmacist. Loves the camera, selfie queen.

  3. Rita – Administrative Secretary. Loves food, always hungry.

  4.  Semira – Anaesthetist. Very blunt and sarcastic.

Best Moment on the show

The question was: “Name something that people do to prepare for a date”. Semira said: “They buy condoms”, the crowd cheered and it was not on the board. Steve however said that although it’s not on the board, it’s a very smart answer. A very bubbly Irene told Steve that she an administrative consultant for a “public figure”, Steve said: “Well, well this is going to be quite interesting” and wanted to find out more.


When Steve found out that Rita and Irene work for the same “public figure” he laughed and said: “the whole office is off today, this “public figure” is sitting somewhere in trouble”. Both Irene and Rita laughed so hard, they had the best time with Steve.

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