Cedar Swagsters Family

About Cedar Swagsters Family

From: East Region, Ghana.

  1. Providence – Team Captain – Accountant for a road safety NGO. Loves to sing, play creative games, and travel.
  2. Ruth – Executive Secretary. Loves to write songs, dance & cook
  3. Maame –  Event Planner and Coordinator. Loves planning and coordinating events and children.
  4. Kwaku – Salesman. Loves to argue/debate and provide business solutions.

Best Moment on the show

They told Steve that they are the executives of the Singles Ministry in their church, they broke it down to Steve on how it works.


Steve gave Kwaku on how to get himself a beautiful girlfriend from their church’s singles ministry.


They played a really great game, they kept on winning all the Face-Off’s but kept on getting stolen by Funky Bananas, except for the last round, Funky Bananas failed at stealing their points.

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