If you're interested in getting on the show, here's what you need to know.

Click the “APPLY” button on this page, follow the steps, and insert a video link in the designated field. This could be a Youtube link, a Facebook link (make sure it’s publicly available), or a link from any other video platform. You could also use a link for us to download your video (for example you could use WeTransfer.com which is free).

The main goal here is for your family to stand out! Start off by introducing your family and have each family member introduce themselves. Also tell us where you are from. Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself. Talk about your occupation, your hobbies, or anything that you think is relevant! And remember to speak up! Some families play a mock round of the game. The important thing is to show us how energetic and enthusiastic you are. Do your best to show us why your family would be great on the Feud! Aim for 3-5 minutes in length

No. Local tryouts are by appointment only. Please apply on this page to make an appointment!

Families will get the opportunity to play a shortened, mock game of Family Feud against another family!

We are looking for families who have energy, enthusiasm and an ability to play the game!

Good Answer!” and have FUN! Some families wear coordinating outfits or matching t-shirts. Show off any special talents you may have and tell us a story about your family!

We do not have a quota or set amount of families that we will choose. We are looking for as many fun families as possible!

We will call your family and book you for a tape date!

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