Glory Family

Glory Family

From: Accra, Ghana.


  1. Deijha  – Team Captain – Entrepreneur. Loves to travel, has been to 6 continents and moved to Ghana to start her business.
  2. Gifty – Men’s wear designer. Loves to create and read.

  3. Nana – Personal assistant for Mimmy Yeboah (a NYC based designer) Loves reading and wants to be a pastor.

  4. Ama – Woman’s fashion designer. Designed and made a dress for Beyoncé, but she hasn’t worn it yet.

Best Moment on the show

Deijah, used to live in New York and she just returned back home in Ghana and started a mobile food truck business, making Jamaican cuisine. Steve was so proud of her.


They did a “glory” song and dance, Steve joined in on the dance.


Nana continuously said “glory” to every little thing, it was funny.

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