The Mustard Family

Mustard Family

From: Asylum Down, Ghana.


  1. Katsina/Kat – Team Captain – Human Resource Manager. Loves watermelon, Prosecco and obsessed with pink. Grew up on a farm. Changes her nail colour every week.
  2. Aseye  – Production manager and Content creator. Loves documentaries on history, music and a good time.
  3. Jason  – Brand Strategist. Loves jazz, design and collecting archives on Ghanaian history.
  4. Chloé – Accounts Manager. Loves food and 90’s RnB

Best Moment on the show

Jason was indirectly the star of the family, during their gameplay he would give all the wrong answers but somehow he had the luck and the charm that the audience chanted his name and they won Fast Money.


The Fast Money question was: “Name something a baby has to learn how to do”, Jason said: “to cough”. It was a very close call and they won the jacpoy anyway, the crowd chanted Jason’s name and he danced.

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