SBWL – Comedian Celebrity Episode

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From: Johannesburg.


  1. Mthawelanga Nkonzo – Team Captain – Famously known as Tats Nkonzo, Tats says he knew he was a comedian when he was six months old, as all the girls loved him, they kissed him, winked at him and touched him.
  2. Lesego Tlhabi – She is one hilarious vlogger, and she has an online alter-ego named “Coconut Kelz”
  3. Mojak Lehoko – Mojak is a comedian who began his career at the Cool Runnings/The Underground in Melville back in 2009.
  4. Donovan Goliath – Stand-up comedian, he grew up in Transkei and he speaks fluent Xhosa.
  5. Tracey-Lee Olive – Singer, comedian, actress and voice-over artist. She started singing at the age of three.

Best Moment on the show

Tracey – Lee serenaded Steve and the audience. Steve then sang his own rendition of the same song Tracey- Lee sang to him. It was a beautiful musical moment.

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