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Johannesburg Children’s Home.

From: Johannesburg.


  1. Brighton Ngoma – Team Captain. Scandal is his first acting gig; he was a freelance stage manager. He is also a body paint artist.
  2. Mapaseka Nyokong – Actress and businesswoman. “Matilda” is her favourite childhood film.
  3. Natasha Sutherland – Actress. She has directed music videos in the past. She is also a writer.
  4. Ayanda Daweti – A newcomer in the industry and already working with legends on Scandal. He’s also a singer.
  5. Marjorie Langa – She has a degree in media technology. She also happens to share her name with Steve Harvey’s wife.

Best Moment on the show

Brighton introduced the rest of his “family”- his fellow thespians by breaking down his character relationships (story line based) with them on Scandal.
Steve was proud that he could pronounce Ayanda’s name at his 1st attempt. He said his “African-ness” is slowly coming to the surface.


Steve goes around to Marjorie who has the same name as his wife and he said: she’s the “baddest chic” in the world because her name is Marjorie.

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