The Akuffo Family​

About The Akuffo Family​

From: Eastern Region, Ghana.


  1. Michael- Team Captain Reverend Minister. Loves to teach God’s word and win souls.
  2. Christabel – Agronomist. Loves farming, kids, a people person, and motivational speaking.
  3. Doris -Medical Counter Assistant.
  4. Patricia – Entrepreneur. Loves being her own boss

Best Moment on the show

Every time Michael gave an answer he would say: “good answer, it’s on the board Steve, I know it’s on the board”. Steve laughed at him and with Michael about it.

Steve teased Michael and said that maybe one of the church members he came with to play will be Michael’s wife, Christabel confidently said: “It’s gonna happen Steve”. Steve pulled the microphone and said: “I think we might have a volunteer”. They all laughed.

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