Aboagye - Adjei Family

About Aboagye - Adjei Family

From: Ashanti, Ghana.


  1. Willow – Team Captain – Marketer. Fashion Diva who loves art.
  2. Akua -Event Planner. Passport bearing member of Sark nation.
  3. Isaac – Marketer. Retired meat eater and loves to travel the world on a budget.
  4. Godsgood – Commercial Advisor (Marketing oil trading). Loves to travel the world.

Best Moment on the show

Steve was trying to play cupid between Willow and Isaac. He believed that Isaac and Willow are pretending to be friends, Akua agreed with Steve. The entire team had so much fun with this Godsgood wanted to high five Isaac and Isaac didn’t want to, he kept on blushing and giggled away.


Steve loved Godsgood name. These friends didn’t win any money but they were great sports, not sore losers. They had fun with Steve.

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