The Chauluka Family

About The Chauluka Family

From: Marshall Town, Johannesburg.


  1. Rachel – Team Captain Project Co-coordinator. Loves travelling.
  2. Rabecca – Helpdesk Consultant. Both she and her twin (Rachel) work at banks, which makes them competitors. They literally live next door each other.
  3. Allan Jr – Student. A huge sports fan and play station addict.
  4. Lyson – Stock Market Analyst. Regular comedian and the family “Muscle!”
  5. Etta – Customer Services Consultant. Plans to be a motivational speaker one day.

Best Moment on the show

They prepared a Chauluka Family “war cry” for Steve which ended up falling flat even after Steve told them to try and do it again, Steve was shocked and speechless. He told Rachel (Team Captain) to stick to her job as a banker. It was hilarious.


Rachel and Rabecca are twins, they live in the same flat. Rachel stays with her husband and Rabecca lives with their other sister.

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