The Crew Family

About The Crew Family

From: Takoradi, Ghana.


  1. Horla – Team Captain – Film Director. Loves to travel.  
  2. Kwesi – Film Maker. Loves watching movies.
  3. NanaYaw – Film Maker. Loves to listen and produce afro beat music.
  4. Jerry – Film Maker and Music lover.

Best Moment on the show

Horla froze, it looked like he was not aware that when Steve asked a question and he got a strike, then he was surprised that a “strike” buzzer went off. Steve teased him and said who he thought Steve was talking to.


Due to the fact that Steve was learning the accents and how to pronounce certain words, he did not understand it when Horla answered: “anger”. He thought Horla said “anga”.

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