The Long Family

About - The Long Family

From: Greater Accra, Ghana.

  1. Lloyd – Team Captain  – Public servant. An avid football fan who enjoys playing video games.
  2. Richard – Administrator. Likes walking and reading.
  3. Mubarek  –  Sales Professional. Loves watching soccer and movies.
  4. Sulley  – Sales Professional. Enjoys reading and nature and sightseeing.

Best Moment on the show

Lloyd told Steve that he is a public servant, he works in the pensions department and Steve though that he said that he works in the “patience” department. Lloyd also told Steve that he is married, has 3 kids and expecting the 4th one. Steve high fived him and said: “my man”, Lloyd was proud.


Richard told Steve that he’s not married but he’s looking for a wife, Steve then asked him what is he looking for and he said: “slim, tall” and Steve  teased Richard and said: ”what, you want another you”?

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