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About The Mensa - Bonsu Family

From: Asanti Region, Ghana.


  1. Caleb -Team Captain. Banker. Quit his job to backpack across West Africa.
  2. Shirley – Full time travel blogger. Loves to travel especially by road.
  3. Genevieve – Banker. Loves everything about skincare and makeup.
  4. Edward – Marketer. Loves traveling and reading.

Best Moment on the show

Caleb told Steve that because of his passion for traveling, he quit his banking job to open his own traveling company and to travel the world. He told Steve that he is very happy that persuaded his passion, which is traveling. Steve was joyful for him and said it’s a blessing to marry your passion and gift. Steve told Caleb that he is about to have a wonderful life. Caleb was so proud and happy.


Steve teased Caleb when he introduced Shirley as his adventurous travel buddy and friend, he asked him if his traveling with Shirley is just for the “business” or there’s more to it.


Shirley told Steve that she is the one who inspired Caleb to quit his job and pursue his passion for traveling. Steve was shocked and he teased them.

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