The Partingtons Family​

About The Partingtons Family

From: Accra, Ghana.


  1. Giselle – Team Captain Career Services Manager. Loves seafood and exploring dessert recipes.
  2. Gerry – Trade Marketing Manager. Loves trying new cuisines and is 70% OCPD.
  3. Ginny – Project Manager. Likes travelling, exploring different cultures and tastes and has lost count of how many times she’s watched Trolls.
  4. Edwina – HR Officer. Is excited by good food and watched all 3 seasons of Nikita three times.

Best Moment on the show

Steve asked Giselle how many kids she has and their gender, she said 2 boys and Steve said “Girls are much harder to raise” then elaborated why he said that. Then shared with her how he raised his kids.

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