The Sea Farers Family

About The Sea Farers Family

From: Aburi, Ghana.

  1. Solomon – Team Captain – Operation’s officer and general problem solver. Loves to try new dishes.
  2. Steve – Pharmacy Sales Rep. Life of every party with his dance moves, great mixologist and loves playing football.
  3. Dede – Freight forwarder. Loves cooking and good food.
  4. Cyril – Medical Sales Rep. Loves to party and write articles.

Best Moment on the show

When Solomon introduced his friends he introduced his friend Steve as “the life of the party”, Steve Harvey said “always” and high fived Steve.


Steve asked Cyril how come he is just friends with Dede, Cyril said: “Well, I have to take what I can get” and told Steve that he’s working on it.


Dede told Steve that whenever she is with the guys, she is always protected, she never has to pay for anything.

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