The Turnee Family

About The Turnee Family

From: Accra, Ghana.


  1. Jodie Jade/JJ – Team Captain – Wellness consultant. Dog mum.

  2. Michelle – Finance manager.

  3. Hannah – Head of real estate sales. Can’t sleep without the TV on.

  4. Shamim – HR Consultant. Judges all restaurants by the quality of the dessert. “If a restaurant has great food but not so great dessert in my eyes, it’s not great restaurant.”

Best Moment on the show

They told Steve that they were born and bred in the UK, but they made a decision to return back home in Ghana. That is why they called themselves the “Turnees”.


The question was: “Name the reason you might want to turn off the lights” Then Shamim said: “Because its day time” and Steve teased her about hit. It was funny.

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