The Wiafe Family

About The Wiafe Family​

From: Accra, Ghana.

  1. Zainab – Team Captain Graduate student. I love dancing but horrible at it, I’m a gender activist.
  2. Comfort – Graduate Student, passionate about Humanitarian Works. I’m a singer and my dream are to set up a shelter for the needy in society.
  3. Samson -Teacher. Loves to eat and Travel. The ladies call me “Strongman”.
  4. Emmanuella – Journalist. Loves to travel and take pictures.

Best Moment on the show

Samson told Steve that the ladies he came to the show with are his traveling buddies, he went on and said he usually travel with lots of women. Steve was impressed and said he likes Samson, then Samson said: “I love you Steve”.

Steve teased Emmanuella over the fact that her boyfriend is a family friend, they have been in other’s lives for many years. Steve said that the family has already met him, that she has been naughty with him.

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