Vallabh Family

About Vallabh Family

From: Boksburg, Johannesburg.

  1. Manisha – Team Captain – Lawyer. Wants to be a UN ambassador for women’s rights.
  2. Karusha – Investment Manager. Her number 1 hobby is sleep.
  3. Jay – Owner of a Deli specializing in vegan and vegetarian foods and loves to cook.
  4. Varushka – Lawyer. Wants to specialize in a sports law.
  5. Roshni – Dress designer and the designated taxi for her grandchildren.

Best Moment on the show

Steve loved Jay’s ensemble to a point that he took off his watch and said his watch would look great on Jay’s outfit.

Steve complemented the 3 sisters on their beauty, and then he spoke to their husbands who were front row in the audience.

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