Wax Print Family

About Wax Print Family

From: Greater Accra, Ghana.


  1. Jesse – Team Captain –  Digital Community Manager. Loves picking on his colleagues at the office and playing guitar.

  2.  Rita  –  Events Coordinator. Loves dancing and engaging in charity work.

  3. Lucie – Business Development Consultant. Loves traveling and good food

  4. Mawuse – Digital Marketer & Advertiser. Loves programming & making podcasts.

Best Moment on the show

Steve asked Mawuse if he was married and he said he was in a relationship. Steve then wanted to find out more information about the lady he is in a relationship with. Mawuse told Steve that her name is Elizabeth, then Steve did a guessing game which was describing how she is and her looks to Mawuse to see if he guessed correctly about Elizabeth. Steve hit the nail, all his guesses were correct. Mawuse was smiling and blushing.

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